Human Design Workshop

Londra’dan sevgili Carly Ferguson rehberliğinde, 27 Haziran Pazar günü, 16:00-18:00 arası, online Human Design atölyesinde buluşuyoruz!
(Not: Bu çalışma İngilizce olarak yapılacaktır).

” One size does not fit all. If you’ve held a suspicion that this is the case for much of your life, then the process of discovering your Human Design will come as both a revelation and relief for you.”

Join Carly for a dive into the Human Design energy types, strategies and authorities, where we will explore your unique nature, reveal how you can live your life, work and lead with greater awareness, less resistance, and a deeper sense of purpose.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Find uninterrupted flow and step into your highest potential.
  • Live your truth and honour your decision-making authority.
  • Understand your natural leadership/cooperation/working aptitudes and approaches.
  • Greater awareness of your character so that you get the best out of social and work situations.
  • Increase your productivity, create more flow and remove resistance
  • Fulfil your potential

Human Design is a means to finding out what you’ve forgotten.
Together we’ll look at how to make the best of your psychology with strategies and techniques aimed at more empowered decision-making and ultimately leading to greater peace and abundance.

Please note: This is an introduction to your human design. We will not be going into the centres, gates and channels on this call.

Let’s master your energy type and authority first!

Carly Ferguson: Career Advisory | Business Mentorship | Leadership & Team Development | Human Design | Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Per Person

660 TL

Important: This workshop will take place with a minimum of 10 maximum of 21 participants